Best Marketing Practices? Think “Blog,” “Website” and “SEO”

What are the best and worst marketing programs businesses have performed in the past year to drive sales leads?

For our “State of Inbound Marketing”  report, we asked respondents for their top best and worst marketing programs they’ve done to drive leads and sales over the past year. Represented below are their answers in a word cloud, which we created with a very cool tool called Wordle. The word cloud sizes words based on how often they are referenced in a given set of information.

The first word cloud represents the best marketing efforts of the past year, respondents frequently cited “blogs,” “SEO,” “websites,” “campaigns” and “social media” in their answers.

Stop Words SEO

The second word cloud represents the worst marketing practices in the past year. The biggest words here are “direct mail,” “trade shows,” “email,” and “telemarketing.”

There’s a lot of content overlap between both of the clouds, but looking at the largest words on each drives home the big picture.

Bilal Haroon: