Firdous Ashiq lambastes Sialkot’s AC over ‘third class’ food items being sold in Ramadan bazaar

Dr. Firdous Ashiq Awan visits a Ramadan Bazar in Sialkot to inspect the quality of food items and chided the city’s assistant commissioner for her ignorance, viral video shows.

Dr. Awan says the quality of food being sold in Sialkot’s Ramadan Bazaar was “third class,” adding that she visited Ramadan Bazaars across the province but the situation in Sialkot was the worse. 

Upon being chided, AS Sialkot Sonia Sadaf angrily leaves the bazaar.

SIALKOT: Special Assistant to Punjab Chief Minister Dr Firdous Ashiq Awan on Sunday visited a crowded Ramadan Bazaar in the city and inspected the quality of food there.

According to a video making rounds on the internet, Dr. Awan, upon seeing substandard, or “third-class quality” food items being sold at one of the stalls, demanded the Assistant Commissioner (AC) Sialkot Sonia Sadaf to provide an explanation.